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Rentals and sales: Romain Lietar | +32 471 76 43 73
Decoration and renovation: Valérie Wenner | + 32 471 76 44 12

Rentals and sales: Romain Lietar
+32 471 76 43 73

Decoration and renovation: Valérie Wenner
+ 32 471 76 44 12


Founder Brussels Office
Project Manager & Interior Designer

Valérie is the founder of The Good Agency. Valérie has been challenging existing concepts in interior design and project management for more than 20 years. Graduated in Business Management & Marketing from CSUN University in LA (California) and ECS (European Communication School), she started her career in communications and in the world of media in television in Paris, France. Always passionate about real estate and decoration, Valérie ended up leaving the world of media and communication to join an interior design school.

Through her multiple experiences, Valérie has worked in office design and architecture firms before becoming independent in Brussels. An international experience in Costa Rica (Central America) where she supervised the construction and development of 6 Ecolodges, inspired her to create the concept of The Good Agency in Belgium, her native country. Valérie puts her proven experience and creativity at your disposal for renovation work and the interior design of your property. Valérie can assist you in three languages, French, English and Spanish.


Co-founder Brussels Office
Sales & Finance

Romain successfully graduated in finance in Paris, he is our financier and our IPI approved real estate agent within The Good Agency.

Having proven himself in the biggest brands, Romain has worked in New York, in Paris at HSBC and in Costa Rica, today co-founder of The Good Agency, he is our financial expert and looks at the first calculations of returns with you. He will present you with a complete investment file in order to see what is the best possible profitability for your future acquisition.

Romain is approved by the IPI. Having a sense of service, Romain assists you in all administrative tasks concerning your property. He combines his knowledge with a broad vision, a natural curiosity, and, above all, an ability to listen and look at things from his clients' point of view. Romain has acquired proven experience in the world of real estate. Romain can assist you in 3 languages: French, English and Spanish.


Managing Director Paris Office

Victoire is the manager of the Paris office.

With a degree in finance from Paris Dauphine University and international project management from ESCP Europe, she began her career in structured financing at Santander Bank in Paris and Hong Kong. She then turned to corporate finance by joining the Corporate Finance department of the prestigious luxury group LVMH in Paris. She will notably contribute to the group's acquisitions of Christian Dior Couture, Belmond and Tiffany. Always passionate about real estate and decoration, Victoire ended up leaving LVMH to join a school of interior decoration and space planning from which she graduated in 2023.

Thanks to her multiple experiences, Victoire will be able to support you in your real estate investment project from A to Z, from the first financial calculations to the renovation project of your property. She has a good capacity for analysis and listening to the needs of her clients, combined with creativity and great strength of proposals. Victoire can assist you in 3 languages: French, English and Spanish.


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